I’m sitting here at work, knowing nobody will come in for a bit, and my mind wanders.  I poke around on facebook and see a few bands advertising their new songs, or their upcoming summer tours, you know, the usual.  I read a few of the comments and always see “Please come to [insert country here]!”  After many years in the Jrock fandom it’s a very recognizable request, especially when you live in a place less traveled.  But then my brain reverses it.  The bands I happened to see these comments on today are American in origin, so fans wonder when said bands will tour to their homes.  I wonder, why is it always the American bands?  What is it about our music industry that has created this mold that other countries’ bands see it as success when they’ve made it in the American music industry?

I don’t mean this to open up a debate about quality or funding or anything, I just wonder.  I know there’s other good music internationally.  There are amazing bands with sales records and tour attendance that, when you consider they haven’t “made it” in the U.S. market, are quite astounding numbers.  So what makes the American bands so appealing internationally?

Let’s have a discussion, shall we?

~ by violarockstar on July 8, 2011.

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