Regarding Japan

I feel like I should say something, but every time I try to it all sounds cliche.  If this comes across as a giant cliche, I’m sorry.  I just have to get this out.

Everyone always has this mentality of “It can’t happen to me.”  Well, when it comes to nature, anything can happen anywhere.  You can’t fight it, you can’t run from it, you just have to deal with it.  And when you’re on the outside looking in, you know you’re lucky that it hasn’t happened to you, but at the same time – if you have a soul – your heart aches because you see the devastation, the desperation, and the problems and you wish there was something you could DO, something more tangible than donating money.  The worst thing anyone on the outside can do in this kind of situation is nothing.  Understandably, times are tough for all, but there has to be something that can be done.

If nothing else, everyone needs to learn from this tragedy and prepare themselves for something like this to happen to them.  Japan is a nation prepared for natural disasters.  They know their location on the tectonic plates, they know tsunami can hit them; they’re an advanced nation with technology and warning systems the U.S. doesn’t have.  They KNEW there would be an earthquake and tsunami.  They took all the drills seriously.  They knew what to do, the evacuation routes, everything.  Nature is just stronger than we humans.

Make your plans now.  Create an emergency bag for yourself and anyone for whom you are responsible.  Figure out how you’re going to let people know you’re okay.  Learn how to stay calm in an emergency.  Understand and accept that nature will always win.

And while you’re doing all that, donate what you can to help Japan.  This literally is an event that changed the world, and we all know the results of this event are only starting to unfold.

I cannot properly express the emotions I feel.  My heart goes out to all affected by this tragedy.

~ by violarockstar on March 16, 2011.

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