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I’ve been working on this for a few years now and am excited it’s finally coming to fruition.



Need a string ensemble recorded but don’t have the time to coordinate multiple schedules? Need it done quickly and remotely? RINTET is the answer!

Questions? Email Rintet1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Are You A Violinist or Violist?

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I get asked this question quite frequently. There are people who know me only as a violinist; others have only seen me in the viola section. Some don’t know that I play with rock bands, either. So here’s a quick explanation. 🙂

The short answer: I am both. I am a string doubler.

The long answer: I started playing violin in my school program in fifth grade. By ninth grade I had joined a local youth orchestra which was not your typical youth orchestra. This group performed year-round and had many different ensembles. Because of the nature of the group, performances weren’t exactly mandatory (School obligations always came first.) As a result, there were times the ensemble needed violists, so I and a few other violinists started doubling. By the time I graduated high school, I could (and did) perform in both violin sections and the viola section, sometimes on the same concert. I even did auditions for New York’s All-State Orchestra on both violin and viola (got in on violin, for the record.)

While I majored in violin at Crane, I still played viola on occasion. Upon moving to Los Angeles, I upgraded my viola and marketed myself as a string doubler. Through a random chain of events I got my Master of Music degree in viola, though I started on violin. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Lady Low

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Because I love to play for as much as possible, I’ve joined a third band! This is Lady Low, a sextet comprised of three string players and three vocalists/instrumentalists.  Most of the month of July was me learning their songs and preparing for shows. Take a look at the video for the latest single, “Hello Sweet Goodbye” and see what we’re all about!

Although it’s not in the video, I got a new instrument through Wood Violins for this band: A 5-string Acoustic Electric violin! It’s got a great sound and I can’t wait for it to open up more.  Though, playing Bach on it is quite the challenge, with the different string spacing.  Good thing I like challenges. 😉

More great stuff to come!  It’s exciting!

Rex & The Lying Heir

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It’s been a few years in the making, but since it went public this week I can post all over the place now!

In addition to Avery Watts and numerous orchestras, I’m also in a rock band called Rex & The Lying Heir.  It’s very glam rock influenced, though musically we’re all VERY different.  This week our first video released upon the world.  It’s a lyrics video for the song “Make You Mine”


Avery Watts Interview

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Musician’s Friend interviewed Avery Watts about incorporating symphonic music elements (read: head banging violist and cellist) into his music.  The full text can be found through his website: http://www.averywatts.com/2015/03/avery-watts-interviewed-in-musicians.html

Read and enjoy!

New Avery Watts Single and Album

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It’s been three years…

Three long years since any new Avery Watts music has found its way into the world…

The time has come…

Avery Watts’ new single “Here to Stay” off of the upcoming new album DEATH GROUND releases on DECEMBER 15, 2014!

As a special promotion, Avery has limited edition merchandise to pre-order. Follow the link here and grab the new goodies before they’re gone!

‘Tis the season for new music!

Live, from Los Angeles, It’s… VIOLAROCKSTAR.COM!

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Website is LIVE! YAY!

If anything doesn’t work or looks messy, please let me know. If you think it rocks, please let me know.

I’m excited. 🙂