Theme Songs

Despite the fact that I have a blog and like to write (stories and poetry, when I have time, heh heh) sometimes I feel like I cannot express myself through words.  That is when I let the music of others express my thoughts and feelings.  Some of these songs are just a momentary “here’s how I feel” while others have become my own personal theme songs.  As I am currently in a mindset where I want to share some personal things but, at the same time, want to keep them personal, I will share with you some of the songs that I feel either define me or define things I want to say but, for some reason, cannot.  They may or may not contain descriptions, but I’ll try to include a “year of discovery” for a bit of reference.

“Go the Distance” from Disney’s Hercules – 1997

“Bitch” by Meredith Brooks – 1998-ish (was Jr. High/early High School)

“Simon” by Lifehouse – 2001  “Don’t believe the lies they have told to you/Not one word is true/You’re alright, you’re alright, you’re alright”

“Voiceless Screaming” by X Japan – 2003  Side note:  This is one of my favorite X Japan performances PERIOD.

“fukai” by Dir en grey – 2005 (There used to be a subtitled version of this, and I wish there still was!)  Side note: I decided this is my favorite Dir en grey song after about five years of a three- or four-way tie.  The song itself is a B-side and the recorded version’s lyrics are completely different from the lyrics here.  One of my favorite Dir en grey performances.

“Perfume” by Sugizo – 2006 (You can pick up the idea of the song from the English chorus.)

“When You Came Into My Life” by Scorpions – 2010  Side Note:  I LOVE power ballads, so the fact that I only recently discovered the Scorpions astonishes me.  I’ve fallen in love with this song, but what I’ve connected to is a different version that I don’t have but I NEED to have.  Wow, it’s amazingly beautiful.

So, there’s a little peek inside my mind.  Hope you enjoyed.

~ by violarockstar on June 26, 2010.

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