Band Family

How can I put the events of the past few days into words?  I’ve always wanted to be part of something amazing, something inspiring and wonderful.  I’ve always wanted to feel like I did years ago in BYO, playing with amazing people who were also cool to hang out with afterwards.  I wanted a musical family.  I’ve been granted a Christmas wish.

The past four to five (depending on how you count it) days were absolutely incredible.  It came and went so quickly.  I wish we were still doing it.  After a total of nearly 40 hours riding in a van together and spending nearly every waking moment with each other, it feels weird not having the band members around.  Even when we all got back to Eric’s and were ready to go to our respective homes, there was a delay in leaving, like we collectively did not want it to end.

We really stood in a small section of the Rose Garden during Trail Blazers’ halftime and played for 20,559 people, not including the staff and ushers.  We overcame a bunch of difficulties at the Roseland and pulled off a kick-ass show.  We danced the night away at a club called Barracuda’s for the after party, then stopped by the open taco truck for food and hung out in the hotel lobby together until after 6am.  I haven’t felt so special and included in such a long time.

Avery, Phil, Damon, Eric, Napoleon, Richie, Chris, Rick, Yvette, Jenn, Aisha, Michelle, Cairy, Lisa…  I LOVE YOU ALL!  ❤  Thank you all for making this one of the best weekends of my life.  I don’t know what I did to be involved with such incredible and talented people, but I’m forever grateful it happened.  Hopefully it won’t be long before we rock together again!

~ by violarockstar on December 21, 2009.

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  1. Corinne!!!!! That was incredible and you melt my heart! Thank you so much for YOU being YOU!!!!! Sharing the sparkle eye liner, laughing before SHOW TIME And GO TIME! Your undying passion, spirit and talent is incredible!! I miss my “family” too, already and have nothing but deep respect, love and utter appreciation for your talent, your charm, your undying AWESOMENESS! Anyone who knows you should be honored! Wish me luck, I sit down with an epic film producer from NIKE tomorrow! Apparently, the WATTS crew live at the Blazers made a serious impression…they have a new Nike Film in the can and they WANT WATTS music! Ready for light speed to Endor in 2010???? Much love and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU from me, still in Oregon, locking it down for my “Dream Team”! oxoxo Michelle –

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