As I’m sure you all know by now, since I never really stop talking about it, I’ve been in Avery Watts for almost four years.  I’ve always wanted to be in a rock band.  When I decided to become a professional musician being in a rock band was one of my two goals (the other is to be a top call studio musician) and it wasn’t until after I got my Masters degree that I got the opportunity. 

I hope by now you’ve all seen the official video for “A Cut Above”:

This is, obviously, only a taste of our live show.  What’s not obvious is the fact that nearly everything done to make that video was done by Avery himself.  He created the timing on the LED screen in the background.  He shot everything he’s not in.  He programmed the lights to coordinate to the music (as happens during the live show) and he edited and produced the entire thing.  BY HIMSELF.  He recorded, mixed, and produced the entire TAKEOVER album BY HIMSELF.  (Note: He put in string parts through a synthesizer and we collectively decide which ones Rick and I play during the show, which ones we record with actual viola and cello, and which one we leave as backing tracks.)

We’ve gotten invites to play all over the world, but cannot fulfill those requests for one simple and annoying fact. We don’t have the money. So Avery came up with an idea. Just as he’s worked to get everything to happen with the band, and found equally hard working musicians to contribute and stand by him, why not get the support of the fans to bring us places where they can finally see us live?  Not only that, let’s get fans up on stage, and on the albums, and on album covers.  Let’s get local bands to open for us at each stop rather than take one or two supporting acts with us.  Let’s make it EQUAL.

This is inspiring.  Knowing that all of us in the band have worked equally hard throughout our lives to get where we are today, and will KEEP working that hard, even when (not “if”) we’ve met success… you don’t find that anymore in the world.  It’s all about who you know or how much money you’ve got, or how much you’re willing to whore yourself out and how much of yourself you’re willing to give up in order to make it. 

THE TAKEOVER seeks to change that.

If you’re tired of seeing mediocre acts win all sorts of awards, tired of feeling like real music is dead to the world, support us, get us on tour, and most importantly, GET YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Please watch the following video, then head over to http://www.wearethetakeover.com and support our cause.  Support the hard working musicians worldwide.  If you can’t financially support us, that’s fine, but please SHARE THIS.  Share the video, share the website, get as many people as possible to see it and see how far it can go.  Do it for anyone and everyone you’ve ever known who wants to fulfill their dreams.

~ by violarockstar on February 24, 2013.

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